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"Give yourself permission..."

“Give yourself permission to quit being a nice person and start being an effective animal.” — Rory Miller

Facing Violence^ by Rory Miller stands alone as an introduction to the context of self-defense. Any teacher or student of self-defense, anyone interested in self-defense, and any person who desires a deeper understanding of violence needs to read this book.

“Facing Violence” is about, well, violence. What types of violence there are, how to deal with them, and what it might be like after violence, all in the words of a lifelong practitioner of violence (he was a prison guard and a military contractor in Iraq).

Regarding working with criminals Rory says, “I can recognize who and what they are. I can’t put a value judgment on it. This allows me to deal with their behavior while maintaining absolute respect for their humanity.”

You have nothing to feel superior about. These men and women have survived under these conditions and these rules for a lifetime whereas you might not survive an evening. There are things we can prefer, but nothing to feel superior about.”

^ Bear in mind that if you make a purchase via some of the links in this email I will earn a commission. I link these products because of their quality and because I believe they will be of assistance to you in your study of modern epicureanism.