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Epics are confident. Cicero called it the “manner that is customary with Epicureans.” The reason is that Epics build our understanding of the world up from basic truth to basic truth – Epicurus called this sober reasoning, and it was a precursor to the modern scientific method.

When I began to research Epicureanism I found it confusing at best (see What is epicureanism for our structured article). So I curated what I believe are the essentials of epicureanism into a short, simple overview called Epic Start. Sign up for our email newsletter and get it as a free gift.

Epicureanism is a philosophy which has guided humans to happy living for two thousand years — people like Thomas Jefferson, who enshrined the essence of the philosophy in the United States’ Declaration of Independence in 1776 with the famous words, “the pursuit of Happiness.”

More importantly, it is equally as useful for the ordinary masses of people – and there are no masters or priests who must intercede on our behalf.

This is why I built Epic Swerve: to present a clear, simple overview of modern epicureanism.

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