What Is the Epic Swerve?

Epic Swerve is a Web site built to provide a simple introduction to modern epicurean philosophy, which we call Epicism.

Epicism is a modern take on epicureanism. We shorten it because 1) “Epic” just sounds cool, and 2) Epicurean and Epicureanism really refer to an ancient way of life that died out with the Roman Empire. So Epicism is something new, something old – it takes the original philosophy as a foundation while acknowledging changes in our understanding of the universe. It has a cool modern name, that also gives it a bit of distance from all the baggage that comes with the original.

Whatever you call it, Epicism can help you on your path to a less anxious, prudent and wise version of yourself that is above all things happier. We call those who work towards this happy state Epics, and we intend for you to join us on our journey.

For more background on Epicureanism, try our structured article on What Is Epicureanism: A Definition, or just subscribe now: