Further Reading (7)

Further reading on epicureanism -- these are recommended texts for students of modern epicureanism.

A Few Days In Athens

'A Few Days In Athens (Annotated)'

This charming novel – called by Thomas Jefferson “a treat of the highest order” – follows a young philosopher as experiences the great philosophies of Athens.

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A Synoptic View of Epicureanism

Norman Dewitt’s work “Epicurus and His Philosophy” is a great starting point for all serious study of Epicureanism. Chapter One “A Synoptic View” is available as a free preview. It is a 33-page summary of the whole, and is a great primer and worth reading on its own merits.

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Letter to Menoceus

This is a letter from Epicurus himself, preserved in Lives and Opinions of Famous Philosophers by Diogenes Laertius. In it Epicurus lays out a summary of ancient epicurean beliefs. This translation by R. D. Hicks is in the public domain.

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Philosophy for the Millions

A 1947 article by Norman DeWitt, author of Epicurus: His Philosophy (read a preview here) which is a short summary of the main topics in the preview.

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